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Company Mission

Precision Air ChucksNorthfield Precision has been the leading manufacturer of precision collet, diaphragm and air chucks and accessories for over 53 years. From its inception through today, the Mission of the company has retained the same core values:  

To provide the industry with superior quality and service for the most accurate [collet, diaphragm and] air chucks manufactured in the world.

In support of this Mission, the company has built an incomparable reputation for offering engineering expertise and expert technical support. As a result, Northfield has a steadfast commitment:

           To provide technical support both to all original equipment manufacturers
           and to end users alike.

Whether manufacturing a popular chuck or designing a customized solution, the focused combination of outstanding product quality, technical expertise, and global support keeps Northfield Precision at the forefront of the industry.

Markets Served

Northfield Precision provides work holding solutions for all metal, composite, ceramic, and glass to the following industries: automotive, aerospace, electrical/electronic, medical/optical, machine tool, plastics/ceramics, appliance, and education/training.

We work closely with a network of representatives and distributors who provide sales and service throughout the world. Through this network, Northfield delivers time-tested precision chucks and creates new designs to meet our customers’ most exacting requirements. Northfield’s customers can rely on our factory engineers, complete documentation, and advertising materials to provide global technical support.

Company History

When Northfield Precision was founded by William A. Steffen, Murray Farber and Robert Levy back in 1952, the first products manufactured by the company were micro spin bearings, precision gear blanks, precision shafting, precision limit stops and miniature slip clutches for the electronic industry. In 1959 Northfield Precision became a public corporation.

In 1962, the first precision air chuck to 0.0001 (2.54µ) total indicator reading was introduced to the machine tool industry. Along with the introduction of this chuck, Northfield’s founders insisted that quality and service would always be the top priority of every employee. Based on this overarching commitment, Northfield Precision flourished and became the company that engineers and manufacturers throughout the world have come to rely on for precision products, smart solutions, superior service, and consistent support.

Northfield Precision now occupies a 15,000 square-foot manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art production machinery. The facility also houses the company’s design engineering and customer service departments. In anticipation of future growth, Northfield also owns an additional 10,000 square-feet of space.

While William A. Steffen, Murray Farber, and Robert Levy might never have envisioned Northfield’s product depth and global breadth, they would be proud to know that they set the standard for the company’s success as every Northfield employee continues to reflect the founders’ unwavering commitment to quality and service.

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