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5-Axis Machining in Two Steps

AR-15 Charging Handle Components

Firearms manufactures are hard at work designing new unique components and parts for the AR-15 platform. Northfield has the task of holding these parts for many aspects of machining operations.

This project is for AR-15 charging handle components. With the unique contour and light design we developed a custom solution for an automated machine cell. 

Custom Air Chucks 5 Axis
Custom Northfield Model 470W Sliding-Jaw Air Chuck

The Second Stage Brief:

The process involves gripping the complete side of the part from the first step without damaging it, to finish machine the second side.  

To accomplish this, we added custom hardened and ground sub jaws to a Model 470W Sliding-Jaw Air Chuck. These hold specially Electro Discharge Machined (EDM) inserts, that grip the finished side of the part produced in the first machining operation.

Additional machine clearance was required at this stage, so the chucks are also mounted to custom Vertical base plate risers. This accommodates for the machine clearances. 

Additionally, this chuck also includes a special air detect axial locator, with 1 air port on the part banking surface, for positive part seat confirmation.  

Looking for part one? Read on to see how the Northfield engineers solved this problem… 

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