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No need to regrind - Long Lasting Custom Jaws

Our customer is a precision manufacturer of engine and fuel injection systems. 

The Challenge 

is to solve the problem of extreme wear on the grip area on the jaws. Northfield Chucks can be customized with a variety of top tooling options. Here is one of our standard 4” sliding-jaw chucks (Northfield Model 450). Especially modified for our customer.  

Custom Carbide Chuck Jaws
Custom Carbide Chuck Jaws


To solve this, we developed a custom set of jaws containing brazed carbide for the grip lands of the jaws. The result, the jaws last approximately 3 times as long, before requiring a regrind.  

Could this kind of modification to a standard work holding chuck help you solve a problem?  

Then get in touch with the team.  

Contact Northfield – Northfield 

Or call: (516) 431-1112 

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Autonomous Automotive Inspection Workholding

This project is for a longstanding customer who produces: precision machines, tools, and rotary tables. The brief requires gripping the inner diameters of continuously variable transmission (CVT) sheaves for runout inspection.  

The Challenge 

The work holding challenge is to create a chuck for auto-loading in an autonomous machining environment. We are their preferred supplier for custom and high precision projects and therefore need to deliver our trademark accuracy and repeatability. 

Solution: How did we deliver? 

Positioning the part by robotic arm requires every custom feature ensures proper seating before the machining operation begins.

Runout Inspection Chuck Drawing – Northfield Proprietary
Custom Northfield Precision Model 625 Sliding-Jaw Air Chuck (0.0001” TIR) with special top tooling
  1. The custom top-jaws are permanently mounted onto the chuck’s master-jaws. This grips the inner diameter of the sheave’s central bore. 
  2. The 3 air holes in the top surface of each custom jaw are an air-detect Axial Locator.
  3. The jaws are also ground at mid-stroke of the chuck, providing a large part-load clearance.

Finally, analysing all critical surfaces that interface with the part, this work holding chuck delivers the trademark Northfield accuracy of of .0001” TIR and repeatability. 

Our innovation and relationship building is what sets us apart from the competition. Do you have a high precision challenge? Contact us to see how the Northfield team can solve it.  


Northfield Community - Positive Behaviour - Oceanside High School

Oceanside Highschool NY

The Holidays are a time for reflection and this last year has been tougher than most, especially as we have needed to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic since day one. That said, it has not stopped the Northfield team taking the time to give something back to the community. 

This year, we have been welcoming special education students to the office and workshop, with Rebecca Ryan from Positive Behavior and Oceanside High School. Together we have been providing the opportunity for the students to step out of their comfort zone and learn new life skills.

Oceanside High School Northfield Tour
On the Northfield Shop Tour

I work providing professional development opportunities and positive behaviour support for individuals in community settings. At Northfield the students learn about manufacturing and gain experience in a professional workplace.

Professional work experience is key for improving the student’s self-esteem and building confidence. They gain essential skills for work and life such as: resilience, problem-solving, team-working and communication.”

Rebecca Ryan – Positive Behavior

After such a positive experience with one student, we now welcome 4 students to our workshop and office on a regular basis. The tasks range from supporting the office team with organization to spending time on the shop floor with the engineers, learning how we create our high precision work holding parts. Everyone here is welcoming and immensely proud to be involved.

Oceanside High School Northfield Tour
Meeting the team.

On personal note, it’s so rewarding to support this worthwhile cause and to play an active role working with members of the local community.”

Paul de Feo – Northfield CEO

In December, OHS had the opportunity to visit Northfield Precision Corporation in Island Park, NY. Oceanside High School and support agencies, such as PBS, partner with local business. We work to provide meaningful internship opportunities for our students.

At the moment, Northfield Precision Corp. has opened their doors to students in our ACE program. Students attend different locations throughout the week for exposure to different jobs to develop career readiness skills.

As a representative from OHS it was my honor to tour the facility with Rebecca Ryan, our Work Based Coordinator and Paul de Feo, CEO/President of the corporation.

It was a highlight to see our students and support staff working together with Northfield employees in a variety of tasks.

Oceanside High School Northfield Tour
Getting involved!

It was a privilege to be taken on a comprehensive tour that, Mr. De Feo so generously gave. Explaining all the amazing products produced here, the state of the art machines and computers.

It was inspiring to meet the employees; most of which have been with the company for many years.

Looking ahead we are excited to develop an internship program with our STEM students.

Thank you, Rebecca, for coordinating this amazing program and providing such a wonderful opportunity and experience for our students.

Thank you wholeheartedly to the Northfield Precision Corp. for all you do for our community!”

Carla Stillwell Interim Secondary Director of Special Education at Oceanside High School

Oceanside Highschool Anchor Banner

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Off-center Bores, Taking Center Stage.


A precision manufacturer of aeronautic and aviation components needs to turn a bore that is off-center from the outer diameter of their part. 

The Challenge  

This operation needs to be performed on four different part sizes using the same chuck, whilst maintaining the tolerance to the existing ground ‘Datum’ on the part’s face. 


Custom Northfield 470W Chuck

Custom Northfield Precision Model 470WHS Sliding-Jaw Air Chuck (0.0001” TIR) with custom offset top tooling. 

The customer has four different offset parts that all need to be held with the same chuck. To accomplish the brief, we created four sets of quick-change stops and inserts. The different sets of inserts mount to hardened and ground sub jaws. This design offers accuracy and repeatability alongside quick change over times.

Custom ground sub jaw set
Custom ground jaw set

The hardened insert’s bores are ground off-center to compensate for the parts offset feature. The stops have quick change tapers to center the tooling during change overs. Within these changeable stops we also ‘time’ the part using locating pins. This ensures the proper offset orientation of the part.  

Additionally, the Model 470W chuck’s rotary union has 3 passages. One of these drives an air-driven ejector within the stop. This pushes the part out, against a separate stop component, to establish the accurate datum location.  

Custom Northfield 470W without Part
Custom Northfield 470W without Part
Custom Northfield 470W with Part
Custom Northfield 470W with Part










Do you have a tricky part to machine? Contact us to see how we can help.  

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Skim Cutting Titanium

Our customer builds and supplies complete machine tooling solutions. They are working with the Northfield engineers to develop a skim cutting solution for multiple sized parts.

Brief & Challenge 

The workpieces are a range of titanium parts that require skim cutting, some need to be held by the outer diameter and some on the inner diameter. The main challenge is achieving this with a single chuck.  


Northfield Precision Model 650 Sliding-Jaw Air Chuck

To meet this challenge, we provided a Northfield Precision Model 650 Sliding-Jaw Air Chuck (0.0001” TIR) with interchangeable and custom top tooling. 

The jaws are Rockwell 60 tested therefore allowing for future regrinds and as a result increasing the jaws longevity.

This chucking setup is capable of .0001” TIR total accuracy and repeatability on all critical surfaces, those which touch the parts. 

Give the engineering team a call to discuss any work holding challenges you have and learn how Northfield can support you. Phone: +1 (516) 431-1112 

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The Top Brass – Custom Brass Top Tooling


A CNC and process automation customer required custom work holding solution for Grinding the outer diameter of their unique sapphire rods.  


The main challenge for the Northfield team is holding the rods well enough without damaging them or creating micro fractures in the material. Additionally, delivering the trademark repeatability and accuracy. 

Custom Workholding Total Indicator Reading
Brass Work Holding – Total Indicator Reading


The work holding solution is a Northfield model DPH-400, with custom Brass Work Holding Jaws. The top tooling consists of three parts.  

  1. Hardened and ground sub jaws  
  2. A separate center button stop 
  3. Precision ground brass inserts mounted to the sub jaws 

This setup ensures accuracy and repeatability whilst grinding the outer diameter to the required size. 

Custom Brass Jaws Chuck
Custom Brass Jaws Chuck

The use of brass answers the customers need to hold their unique sapphire rod without damaging it. Brass chuck jaws prevent sliding and are very corrosion resistance, meaning there are also tough enough to operate in a grinding environment. 


Do you work with delicate or uncommon material? Get in touch and see how Northfield can support you.