Eastec October 19-21, 2021. Booth #5508

Northfield Eastec Stand 5508

We are excited to be part of the Eastec Manufacturing and Technology event and hope you are too.

Spread over three days with Keynotes, Industry Networking Sessions and 400+ exhibitors showcasing new products and services to keep your business moving forward, it looks set to be a great show.

We are particularly looking forward to the ‘Smart Manufacturing’ presentation with Dr. Stephan Biller., Discussing how small and medium sized manufacturers can deploy smart manufacturing technologies and achieve digital transformation goals.

Northfield Team Exhibition Stand

Expect a warm welcome at the show. Here are just some of the products that we will have on display…

Pressure Lok™

Northfield_Pressure_Lok_Chuck Northfield_Pressure_Lok_Chuck

The Pressure-Lok™ air chuck is charged with air by a special handle and holds air pressure for 3 weeks. Ideally implemented in machining operations that do not have access to a continuous air supply. The quick connect fitting is compatible with all Northfield chucks and the air pressure can be altered between 5 & 80 P.S.I..


Balancing Chucks

Northfield Balancing Chucks

Northfield is the world’s premier manufacturer of ultra-precision balance chucks for prop shafts. These chucks feature the highest accuracy, shortest hung mass, highest rpm, and fastest most accurate changeover in chucks that weigh less than half that of our competitors.


Custom Projects

Model Big Red Custom Chuck
Machining close tolerance power tool parts Simultaneous use of customs chucks
  • We can customise any of our chucks to meet your specific needs. Check out some of our recent custom projects here.


Classic Products

  • Northfield Collet Chucks provide simple work holding applications for a variety of part sizes that require a significant amount of clamp force.
  • Northfield Precision Air Chucks, also known as sliding jaw chucks, are the benchmark for high precision quality, efficient, and easy to use air chucks.
  • Northfield Diaphragm Chucks are the most accurate chucks in the world and are the fastest to open and close out of all of the chuck types


We are on stand #5508 in Building 5 ‘Better Living Center’. We look forward to welcoming you.

If you would like to grab some time with an engineer at the show. Just hit contact to let us know you are coming.



Northfield Precision - How can we help?

5 Minutes with Charles Florio Northfield Sales & Darryl Celli Senior Applications Engineer

How can we help?

Charles Florio, part of the US based Northfield sales team, and Darryl Celli, one of Northfields Senior application engineers, share their insights about how Northfield can help solve your work holding needs.


Thank you for taking the time. You are the first port of call for Northfield customers, tell us about the most common questions?


When starting new project it’s common to discuss similar experiences related to the customers business and to introduce the product range. At Northfield Precision we have two main product areas.

  1. Our standard high precision range of: Air, Diaphragm and Collet chucks. These are always available, in a range of sizes, for immediate order. Just give us a call. (516) 431 1112
  2. Custom applications and unique products are our second speciality Check out our custom projects for some ideas.

Northfield has over 50 years of hands-on experience working across multiple industries on a global scale. At Northfield Precision we excel at automotive, aerospace, and medical applications.



We can adapt any of our chucks to custom and very specific situations, for example, high precision finishing work with pneumatic clamping pressure. All we need is your machine specification or a technical drawing. Drop us a line or call (516) 431 1112


Why should Northfield Precision be your preferred work holding provider?


Repeatability is one common question. Our standard Air Chucks offer .0001 T.I.R. repeatability, best in class. Combined with our world leading precision and accuracy, this is where Northfield really sets itself apart from the competition.



Firstly, it is always our goal to completely understand the customer and their requirements before getting to work. This ensures we deliver the best possible product.

I always begin the conversation by discussing the exact application.

  • “What is the part material (metal, ceramic or glass).”
  • “Will the chuck be used in a turning or grinding environment?”
  • “What type of machine will the chuck be used on?”

Finally, our custom specialities are best at high precision finishing work, and we excel at providing solutions that require light clamping pressure. Our chucks allow the pressure to be fine-tuned by the end user and is possible because of our extensive experience delivering pneumatic solutions.


We are always on hand to discuss your project and answer any questions.

Contact Northfield or call (516) 431 1112