Custom Collets – Air vs. Hydraulic

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The task is tooling up a standard dual head rotary table to accommodate the bolt carrier.


The challenge of this job is to provide a work holding solution, allowing actuation of the work holding on the customers table.  

Custom Air Collet 1
Custom Air Driven Northfield Collet Chucks
Custom Air Collet
Northfield 16C Collet Chuck

Northfield Solution: 

The Northfield 16C collet chucks are air driven units as standard. Pairing these with an adapter plate and air tube allows actuation on the customers rotary table. Additionally, these chucks allow the usage of standard 16C collets. 

Air vs Hydraulic: 

These chucks are also available in a hydraulic format. This same setup has been supplied to other manufacturers with a hydraulic configuration. Providing a greater grip force than our air driven units. This is useful when heavy milling or turning operations require a higher grip force capacity and the material being held supports such a setup.  

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