Internal Spline C.V. Chucks

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Recently at Northfield we produced a custom internal grip collet chuck for balancing drive shafts.

Balancing Splined C.V. Joints



The collet on this chuck is ground to grip the pitch diameter of splined C.V. joints of a driveshaft assembly.





The ‘cone’ has multiple stop pads for axial location. The chuck assembly is balanced prior to production using the tapped holes. The chuck repeats to less than 0.005mm total indicator reading (T.I.R.).




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Northfield is the world’s premier manufacturer of ultra-precision balance chucks for prop shafts. Producing chucks that weigh less than half of our competitors and the only chuck supplier recommended by major balancing manufacturers.

Northfield chucks feature:

  • Highest accuracy
  • Fastest RPM
  • Shortest hung mass
  • Quickest and most accurate change over

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