Long Beach High School – Working Students

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Working students continue to visit Northfield as part of our continued commitment to supporting the community. This June we attended a luncheon to celebrate the hard work and development of the students that have come to work at the Northfield offices over the past year.

Long Beach Lunch
David – Long Beach Student

I really enjoy the variety of tasks I’m given to work on and even having the opportunity of meeting Paul the CEO. I’m very grateful for the experience during the school year and I look forward to working at Northfield every Monday.”

David – Long Beach Student

The luncheon was to thank the sponsors who have invited students to visit their business’ each week during the school year. All the students and aides were in attendance to celebrate their achievements.

David did a great job taking charge of a variety of tasks. Including updating the saw log. We log when material is cut and then track it in the shop if we need to find it. A job very important to the whole team.

Additionally, David had the opportunity to assist our accounting manager Linda. Providing a great overview of the business and introduction to the working world.”

Charles – Northfield Sales




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