Precision Air Chucks

Precision Air Chucks

Northfield Precision Air Chucks, also known as sliding jaw chucks, are the benchmark for high precision quality, efficient, and easy to use air chucks. The Northfield Precision Air Chuck is extremely simple to load and unload and can be used by any operators. The jaw clamp force can also be adjusted for delicate holding, and extremely convenient for most thin wall work pieces. Once properly mounted, all Northfield Chucks, will automatically center your workpiece. If you are looking for an accurate chuck that can handle many different types and size parts, then the Northfield Precision Air Chuck is the right choice for you.

For any custom chucks, contact Northfield Engineering staff for additional information. (LINK)

  • Air Actuated - Air driven actuation is easier and cleaner than hydraulic actuation because it does not require a hydraulic pump, which means more control over the grip force - allowing a range of medium to delicate part gripping.
  • Additional Actuation Options - There are multiple ways to power the Northfield Precision Air Chuck, including spring clamp-air open, or air clamp-spring open. Other custom actuation applications are also available upon request.
  • External and/or Internal Grip - All standard precision air chucks can be used for external and/or internal gripping. Functions include hard turning, grinding, assembly, milling, and inspection applications. Contact a Northfield Engineer if you are interested in adding internal grip to your chuck.
  • Stationary Capable - All Northfield chucks can be used for stationary applications as well as rotating applications.
  • Rotary Tables - Northfield chucks are capable of being used on 5-axis machines.
  • Rotary Joint Air Bearing - Eliminates metal-to-metal wear for extremely long life.
  • Hardened and Ground Chuck Components - Northfield’s chucks are developed using high strength alloy steels with all critical components hardened and ground to various Rockwell "C" scales.
  • 3 in, 4 in, 5 in, 6 in, 7 in, 8 in, 10 in, 12 in - Northfield chucks come in various sizes to accommodate different machine space, grip force, RPMs, and work piece sizes. Please contact an engineer to learn more about what size chuck is best for your product. (LINK)
  • Dead Stop - Your part is banked against a stopping surface that ensures the part doesn’t move during the application, and has a consistent datum location.
  • Spring Clamp - If there is an air failure, a spring closed chuck will not release the work piece.
  • External/Internal Grip Pullback - Jaws can be custom designed to allow work pieces to be pulled back against a dead stop locating surface, in addition to the internal or external grip.
  • High RPM - Max. speed 6000 RPM. Chuck specific - not all chucks included.
  • Coolant or Air Passages (popular option) - Coolant through can be used for flushing chips away from the chuck. Alternatively, air can be used for detecting if a part is properly seated.
  • Quick Change Body - Fast changeover chucks for reduced set-up time, which requires no reboring of jaws.
  • Wide Opening Jaws - Each size chuck has a wide opening variation. See technical specs for a chuck that meets your needs.
  • Specialty Application Jaws - Custom designed, hardened and ground workholding jaws to meet your product’s needs.
  • Quick Change Jaws - When mounted to the same model chuck, quick change jaws significantly reduce set-up time. Quick Change jaws are not chuck specific, can be easily changed over, and will repeat like our hardened and ground standard jaws.
  • Drawbar Operated - Manual drawbar solid or tube.
  • Air Detect/ Part Seat Sensing - Part seat sensing is a safety measure that tells the machine that the part is clamped properly in the machine and to start the cycle.
  • Low Profile - Custom accommodation for machines with less space for chucking components.
  • Max. Speed - 6000 RPM. Chuck specific - not all chucks included.
  • Repeatability (Max. Concentricity) - 0.0001" T.I.R.
  • Repeatability (Max. End Lengths) - Guaranteed accuracy from 0.0001" (2.5µ) to 0.000010" (0.25µ)
  • Weight - 2lb to 123lb
For additional technical specifications and product prints, please see here. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact a Northfield Engineer directly. Here