Precision and Customization

Northfield is a custom workholding solutions company based in Island Park, New York.

Always looking for a chance to innovate, the Northfield team were excited to bring their years of work holding expertise to the medical industry creating parts for joint replacement.

As usual we were expected to achieve the appropriate tolerances requested. This included concentricity, accuracy, and repeatability from part to part. We achieved this while also allowing easy operation and quick tooling change over.


We were tasked to create two separate solutions. The first was to develop a collet chuck solution to hold shoulder joint inserts to ‘finish-turn’ the outside.


Secondly, we were asked to hold multiple knee-joints simultaneously with a specific grip force. They also required special clearance for milling tools and part sensing ports. These allow the machine to acknowledge the parts were loaded and ready to be manufactured.



The main challenge with the shoulder parts was holding a half sphere from the inside on a minimal surface area to allow the finishing operation on the outside.

The knee joints required custom air chucks to hold various sized parts to clamp and finish mill. These work holding solutions needed to have ‘air-detect’ and a force analyser to assure the proper jaw force is applied to the parts throughout the entire manufacturing process.


Northfield offers a large range of standard precision collet chucks, that grip a part internally. This job was unique as we developed a special contoured collet with a specific shape. It was then finish milled to enable holding several different part sizes. We also added a locating surface that uniquely has a small surface area yet is robust and accurate enough to allow a long tooling lifetime.

Multiple Northfield chucks can be seen here in use simultaneously. Four different sized parts needed to be held at the same time in the machine. Our customer wanted to finish the second operation of all the parts at once. This was achieved by creating a base plate with easy air porting.

A force analyser was delivered that works together with our custom tooling. A turn-key solution with specific grip force..

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