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Vertical Workholding - Welding Torque Shells

Our customer welds torque converter shells.


The requirement is for a chuck to hold torque converter hubs while rotating them in a welding machine.

The challenge

is providing a completely sealed chuck to avoid damage from excess material and additionally one that can be vertically mounted whilst maintaining constant grip during the process.

Sealed Northfield Collet Chuck with Custom Top Tooling
Sealed Northfield Collet Chuck with Custom Top Tooling

To solve this

we customized a collet chuck by adding unique top tooling. As the chuck’s inner diameter collet expands, it also acts to pull the part down and onto the outer flange. This additionally serves repeatable locating onto the datum surface.

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Internally Gripping - Automotive Drilling

Custom automotive drilling work holding A drilling solution custom designed for the automotive industry. Based on hydraulically actuated, internal grip collet chucks.

Eight of these chucks mount on a pallet in a vertical machining centre, gripping automotive parts for drilling. The chucks are 76mm in diameter but deliver up to 544 kg. of draw force.

Custom automotive drilling work holding

Northfield Collet Chucks repeat to 1/10,000 T.I.R and pull the part onto the centre hard stop.

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Custom Full Wrap Jaws

Custom clamping jaws, developed for a vertical machining environment. A Northfield 650 air chuck has been adapted to work with custom jaws.


The ‘pie’ shaped top jaws provide a full wrap clamping around the work piece. This project also includes a custom spring loaded locating pin assembly. Designed to orient the customer’s workpiece allowing fast and accurate change over.

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